Big Blue - A Fishy Tale

A Kris Hallesy / Matthew Aird Film

GLP Media and Fuel for the Pig Productions present Big Blue - A Fishy Tale

Starring: Verne Graham, Matthew Aird, Dawn Swanson and David Morgan Shaw

1Big Blue a Fishy Tale is the culmination of the dream come true of two filmmakers Kris Hallesy and Matthew Aird, who using only a credit card, two guys and a truck produced a feature comedy film that is destined to become a cult classic. Follow the hilarious misadventures of Billy (Verne Graham) and Jesse (Matthew Aird) who set out upon an epic quest to win the prize of a lifetime. Watch as Billy and Jesse meet many strange characters, overcome great obstacles, and drink lots of beer as they make their way to catch Billy's childhood nemesis, a fish named Big Blue. Big Blue a Fishy Tale .